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Tourists Places in Greece

Tourists Places in Greece

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Greece Famous Places Acropolis in Athens is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Greece. Acropolis is marvelous and splendid religious complex, which consists of many temples. They got built by the world's first democracy during the 5th century BC. Parthenon is a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. The Parthenon became the paragon of classical Greek architecture, and has suffered serious damage over the years. A small museum features an outstanding collection of ancient Greek sculptures.

  National Archaeological Museum of Athens
Greece Ancient Places

National Archaeological Museum of Athens i s one of the most important archaeological museums in Greece, which houses the collections of Prehistoric items, Sculpture, Pottery and Minor Art, Bronzes, and Egyptian Art. The construction of the museum is dated back to 1866 and completed in 1889 with the gradual addition of the west wing in 1874, of the north in 1881, of the south in 1885 and finally, of the east wing.

  Athens Olympic Stadium
Tourists Places in Greece

Athens Olympic Stadium is located in the outskirt of Maroussi, which is a popular tourist attraction in Greece. It was given a major facelift for the 2004 Athens Olympics Opening ceremony. The popularity of the stadium owes to the newly erected roof supported by two giant arcs with a span of over 300 meters. Football and Athletics are the two major sports played at this venue. Olympic Stadium has a seating capacity of about 72,000.

  Schinias Beach
Places to Visit in Greece

Schinias Beach lies in the east coast of the Attica Peninsula, which is reachable within less than an hour from central Athens. The Beach is one of the most beautiful bathing spots of Greece located near Marathon. The major draw of Schinias is the picture-perfect coastal pine forest that reaches the water's edge as well as the fine sand of the beach.

  The Palace of Knossos
Tourists Places in Greece

The Palace of Knossos is another popular place worth to visit in Greece. This palace, the largest known in Crete, with an area of 22,000 sq. metres was excavated by A. Evans between 1899 and 1932, and spectacularly restored, sometimes excessively. Four wings are arranged around a central courtyard, containing the royal quarters, workshops, shrines, storerooms, repositories, the throne room, and banquet halls. Dated to 2000-1350 B.C. It occupies the summit of a small hill, and to the east it dominates a ravine on to which the royal apartments look out, with their large megaron on the Minoan plan-open on two sides, reached by a large staircase.

  White Tower
Greece Famous Places

The White Tower is one of the popular sites to visit in Thessalonike, Greece. This White Tower is a defensive structure dated to the 15th century. Later, it was used as a guard's quarters by the Janissaries and as a prison for those who were convicted to death. It was built on the place where an older, Byzantine Tower once stood. The museum in the White Tower contains various collections of sculptures, frescoes, fragments of mosaic floors and wall mosaics, icons, coins, inscriptions, pottery, glass and metal items.

  The Venetian Fortezza
Greece Ancient Places

The giant Fortezza dominates Rethimnon, and is reputed to be the largest Venetian castle ever built in Greece. The Venetians built the Fortezza during a transitional period in military history. In the fifteenth century, armies began using gunpowder in military activities and this prompted the designing of forts which could withstand this type of attack. The Venetians in Rethimnon did not have adequate funds to complete the Fortezza according to the new formula for defensive structures.

  Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Places to Visit in Greece

Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki is another popular tourist attraction in Greece. The Museum got built in 1962 by Patroklos Karadinos, an architect and in 1980 it acquired a new wing, which housed the exhibits from the Vergina tombs until 1997. The Museum illustrates the history of Thessaloniki from prehistoric times to Late Antiquity. The Museum houses the collection of Archaic and Roman sculptures from Thessaloniki and Macedonia. Archaeological Museum also hosts major temporary and thematic exhibit

  Byzantine Museum
Tourists Places in Greece

Byzantine Museum is one of the finest museums in Thessaloniki, which houses the amazing collection of Byzantine art in Greece. This museum focuses on preserving, researching, and studying the remains of the Byzantine civilization. The treasures housed in this fine museum include priceless icons, frescoes, sculpted reliefs, mosaics, jewellery, manuscripts, and pottery.

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