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For Travelers with Disabilities:
Most disabilities shouldn't stop anyone from traveling. There are more options and resources out there than ever before. That said, few concessions exist for the disabled in Greece. Steep steps, uneven pavement, almost no cuts at curbstones, narrow walks, slick stone, and traffic congestion can cause problems. Archaeological sites by their very nature are usually difficult to navigate, and crowded public transportation can be all but impossible. (The Greeks have announced plans to make the Acropolis handicapped accessible by the Olympics of 2004 but it is not clear just what will be in place.) More modern and private facilities are only now beginning to provide ramps, but little else has been done. (That said, foreigners in wheelchairs -- accompanied by companions -- are becoming a more common sight in Greece, and we have read a first-person account of a wheelchair-using individual who found a cruise ship well designed to service her needs.)

For Families:
If you have enough trouble getting your kids out of the house in the morning, dragging them thousands of miles away may seem like an insurmountable challenge. But family travel can be immensely rewarding, giving you new ways of seeing the world through smaller pairs of eyes. How to Take Great Trips with Your Kids (The Harvard Common Press) is full of good general advice that can apply to travel anywhere.

Individual families will have to know what their goals in Greece are to be and whether their children are of an age to appreciate them. Clearly, if you are simply heading for the beaches, children of all ages can enjoy these; at the other extreme, if it is to all museums/archaeological sites, think twice. Traveling with infants and very young children -- say up to about age 5 -- can work; most children get restless with historical sites between about 6 and 16; if you're lucky, your children may tune into history at some point in their teens.

For Seniors:
There are not that many "senior-citizen discounts" available in Greece. Some museums and archaeological sites offer discounts for those 60 and over, but the practice seems unpredictable and in general these are restricted to citizens of an EU nation. Try mentioning the fact that you're a senior citizen when you make your travel reservations. Although almost all major US airlines have cancelled their senior discount and coupon book programs, many hotels still offer discounts for seniors.

For Women:
Women traveling in Greece should not run into any particularly different situations from men. That said, young women -- especially singles or small groups -- may well find Greek males "coming on" to them, especially at beaches and clubs and such tourist locales. But our informants tell us that, unlike in certain countries that may go nameless, Greek males (a) do not attempt any physical contact and (b) they respect "No." One "tactic" said to work is to say, "I'm a Greek-American." The other advice is simply not to leave well-attended locales with someone you don't really know. Women should also be aware that there are still some cafes and even restaurants that are effectively male-only haunts; the males will not appreciate attempts by foreign women to integrate these places.

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