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a) Visa is required by all except nationals of the countries mentioned in the chart above for a period of up to 3 months.
b) Citizens of all other countries should contact the nearest Greek consulate.
c) Those continuing their journey to a third country within 48hours provided holding tickets with reserved seats and other documents for their onward journey except: nationals of Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Congo (Rep. Of), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria and Turkey who always need a visa, even if transiting be the same aircraft. 
NOTE: The above list is subject to change at short notice; please check with the Consulate or Consular section at Embassy before travelling.

Types of Visas
- Tourist and business (single and multiple entry)
- Transit (single and double)

Processing Time and Fees  
- A processing time of three weeks should be anticipated in most cases.  
- Fees depend on the nationality of the applicant, and are determined by reciprocity between Greece and the respective country.
- In addition to the visa fee, a non-refundable $4.65 application fee is required.

a) Visa application form duly filled out and signed by the applicant.
b) Valid passport
c) Green card
d) One recent passport-size photograph of the applicant
e) Proof of availability of sufficient funds to support the stay in Greece 
f) Destination in Greece and references, if available
g) Money order, certified check or cash payable to the consulate of Greece for the visa processing.
h) Letter of reference from employer.
NOTE: The consulate reserves the right to ask for further documentation, in addition to the above mentioned.

The applicant must appear in person for an interview at the consulate nearest to his/her place of residence. In case the applicant is unable to appear in person he/she should contact the consulate for instructions.

Passport valid for 6 month required by all except:
a) E.U. nationals with a valid national ID card and with sufficient funds for their length of stay
b) Nationals of Monaco and Switzerland with valid national ID cards

Important Note: All information on this page has been carefully investigated. However, Greek embassies can provide assistance to travelers and are the best places to contact for the most recent information.


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