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There's no dearth of monuments and attractions in Athens, but these are the best tourist attractions in Greece at there best that you won't want to miss in your travel to Greece. Athens is the largest and most powerful city in Greece and it has socio economic standard. One for every time if you really want to sightsee Greece at its best surely visit these place:

  • The Acropolis and the Parthenon

The Acropolis and the Parthenon dominate Athens, and the most sightseeing-weary traveler will catch an enticing glimpse and be scrambling toward it before they know it. Even if there were no Parthenon, the Acropolis is worth the visit just for the magnificent view of Athens and the surrounding temples below

  • National Archaeological Museum

This elaborate collection is housed in the heart of Athens. While even a brief visit is dazzling, the true museum junkie should allow 2-3 hours. Even then, you're speeding through millennia of Greek culture, beginning with the Cycladic Island civilization and the Minoans and Myceneans, and stretching up toward the present.

  • Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon

A great afternoon trip from Athens, this is one of those spots that are as much a favorite with the tourists as it is with the locals. It's a favorite sunset-viewing spot for everyone, and will give you a characteristically Greek moment against the ruined monument along with a terrific sea view.

  • Walking Athens at Night

Athens is one of the safest and secured capital cities in the entire world. While common sense is your best defense anywhere, statistically, you're far safer on the streets of Athens at night than in London, Paris, or Tokyo. So hit it off with the best choice of clothes and select the Italian refreshments. The trip will be memorable for you.

  • The Plaka

The Plaka is the area of winding streets around the Acropolis. It's famous for its small shops, restaurants, and some good examples of local domestic architecture. The negative aspect is that? These days it's hopelessly touristy, but it's still flourishing.The strategy for shopping is to stop somewhere for a frappe (iced instant coffee) every few hundred feet, especially in summer.

  • The Agora

This is one attraction that gets skipped, partly because it is readily confused with the Roman Agora and while you'd be falling over yourself to visit a Roman agora in Italy, well, this is Greece. But this spot offers an easy hour's wandering, with the almost-perfect temple of Hephaestus, a rebuilt collonade housing the museum, and many minor monuments. These are the few attractions in Greece and the tourist can visit this place through online reserving hotel rooms to any part of Greece through

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